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🔥Hot Sale 49% OFF-Terminatey Car Tool Kit 12 Pcs

$54.99 USD $108.98 USD Save $53.99 USD
Tool Kit 12 Pcs(Free Shipping)
2×Air Wedge Pump(Only $19.99 Now)
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$54.99 USD each

Never get stuck again! Get back into your car the right way -
without waiting hours for rescue, without expensive costs, and without damaging your car!

✅ PREMIUM & TESTED - Forget about using cheap and flimsy tools. You'll be left with broken tools and still no way to get into your car. All the components of our car kit were tested numerous times to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.

✅ EASY TO USE - Designed to be easy and efficient. Get back into your car in less than 5 minutes, without damage to your door or paintwork.

✅ PERFECT FOR ALL VEHICLE TYPES - No matter the car you have: coupe, SUV, hatchback, or saloon, our kit has you covered.

✅ FULL 12-PIECE KIT - Peace of mind that you have all the tools you need for any situation.

Ever Locked Your Keys In Your Car?

Premium Automotive Kits/Tools for any non-life-threatening emergency!

Easy To Use

Our 12 piece kit ensures you always have the right tools to hand.

No Dents

No need to worry about dents or scratches. Our tools are made with your car in mind.

Save Money

Everyone locks their keys in the car once in a while and rescue costs are expensive.

Our simple piece kit will help you regain access to your vehicle in less than 5 minutes!

Material: Stainless steel, TPU

What's Included In Your Kit

4×Long Reach Grabber, 
1×Non-marring Wedge Tools, 
4×Fastener Remover, 
2×Air Wedge Pump, 
1×Carrying Case Bag.